A variety of freebies available at this community gateway, from the Altamura Max bento body, Cheerno mesh head, and clothing from various creators. Clothing ranges from unrigged mesh in different sizes, fitmesh, and rigged for Aesthetic Niramyth, Altamura, Exmachina, Signature, Belleza Jake, The Mesh Project.

Store: Voluntarios Community Gateway

Type: Free

In-world store: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/AJUDA%20BRASIL%20VOLUNTARIOS/14/32/51

Current as of post: 12 January 2019


Where exactly is it? Once at landing point, to your left you will see….

landing point 2follow max 2

* Offers are current as of post, however if you find landmarks/offers no longer available. Please notify us so we can alter or take it down. Click here to notify us: Feedback